Soledad Stitch

The wife and I made a trip up to Mt. Soledad on Sunday to take a look out east at the SoCal snow we got this last weekend.  I took my trusty (although showing its age), Canon TX1, to see if I could get some good panorama shots, including both snow and surf.  I think this is the granddaddy of my stitches to date.  I’ve taken some with more total photos, but I’m really digging this one.  This is made up of 18 shots, edited a bit in Picasa to bring out the colors and contrast, stitched together in Microsoft ICE and then exported to Microsoft’s HD View…all free products.  Having the islands, the coast, Mission Bay, San Diego Bay, the Coronado Bridge, downtown San Diego,  snow-capped mountains, and even a glimpse into Mexico, in a single photo is pretty danged cool.  Hope you like!

HD View Version here: View from Mt. Soledad on February 27, 2011

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  1. Man, will you never learn? You have got to do your pre-extravaganza prep work at least a week out. Detox, stretching, vocal exercises, carb loading the day before….this is serious sh*t. Any day-of events could leave you vulnerable to fatigue, lack of focus, dehydration, the list goes on… Don’t get caught unprepared, brother.

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