Street View

Someone asked me about the motorcycle trip recently.  Long story short…I’ve been putting a little time into cleaning up the old, busted website ( which has sent me on a trip down memory lane.    Out of curiosity, I checked Google Maps to see if the beginning of the Dalton Highway was on Street View. […]

Grandpa Ed

My Grandpa passed away on the morning of Friday, March 18th.  I’m writing this as we drive back down from Spanish Fork, UT, where we held the memorial service yesterday. My Grandpa Ed married my Grandma Smitty when he was 54.  He inherited a big family and, after being a bachelor the whole first part […]


I recently went to a doctor’s appointment with my wife, an appointment which involved her getting a shot.  The medicine was suspended in oil, so it was extremely viscous.  The needle itself, however, was very small gauge and it took a long time for the nurse to both fill it up and push it out. […]

creativity, pt.2

I’ve been thinking through this whole, you know, creativity thing…a lot of thoughts.  I don’t think I’m going to try to keep this coherent…it’s just going to be a lot of verbal spitting.  I think that God makes some people creative, and others more creative.  I think the only ones of us who are not […]


Sometimes I think that I’m creative but just don’t have the time or resources to adequately express my creativity.  But then, upon having that thought, I wonder if, simply by virtue of me thinking that, it means I’m really not that creative after all.  I mean, most of the “creative” people I know have only been […]


Hope is a magical thing. Similar to other elements of the Christian life, hope often runs counter to what makes sense, both from a cultural and an experiential perspective. Quickly list off in your mind or on paper the top 10 or more reasons why you don’t hope, or why you lose hope. It’s probably […]