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22 June 2006

Equipment: The Goods and The Bads

by admin

Today proved challenging for me.  I decided to take motocompy out for a spin to make sure everything was working well before the long trip tomorrow.  I’ve done a lot of work on the system in the last few days, with the help of my brother, Jon, and I wanted to make sure it was ready to go and there were no nasty surprises as I was leaving.  I took motocompy out to the bike, set him down, turned him on, started using things…started trying to use things…and found that things weren’t usable.  My touchscreen, which had worked so well since I had purchased it in November, had chosen the afternoon before my departure to go cold to my touch.  Long story and I’m not really even sure what all happened…it was a flurry of driver installs, driver uninstalls, driver reinstalls, system reboots, etc.  Somewhere along the line it decided to work again and as of now I have a working computer with a working touchscreen.  We’ll see how long that lasts.  So, while on the subject of system components (both working and non-working), I might as well list out some info about the bike, the computer, and what kind of programs I’m running.  If you’re not into the technical stuff then you can just skip to the video at the bottom.  I filmed it tonight on a quick trip to ensure the computer was working properly.  Here goes…


FJR1300 front FJR1300 front FJR1300 rear


Webcam Motocompy 1 Screen with shade


Finally, I should mention some folks who have helped me out with this project, whether directly or indirectly.  So, in semi-particular order: brother Jon, Phil Haack, Robert Lipe, everyone at  I’m sure there’s others but those are the standouts.  If you’ve read this far, good on ya…and now for the video.</p>