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23 June 2006

649 + 14.5 = Pain

by admin

San Francisco

I think I overdid it.  My first full day on the bike ended up being a full day on the bike.  I left Big Bear, CA at about 9:15 in the morning and pulled into Santa Rosa, CA 14 and a half hours and 649 miles later at 11:45.  It was a great day overall but my body paid for it.  I’ll upload some stories/pictures/video/gps in a little while, but just wanted to let everyone know that the journey had begun and I and the bike are doing well.

Oh, and two other things.  One, I figured out why the feedback link on my last post was busted…that should be fixed.  And Two, I keep meaning to tell you all that I found out that I passed my Real Estate Broker’s exam on Saturday.  It’s great to have that done and out of the way.  Ok, more later.