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29 June 2006

July 28: Crater Lake

by admin


Another incredible day.  Incredible, and long, and tiring.  I’m going to keep this short  because there aren’t any electrical hookups at the campsite I’m at, but I wanted to post something small because it was such an amazing day.  I started off in Crescent City and made my way up the 199 through the Jedediah Smith National Redwood Park.  That took me to the Oregon border where I stayed on the 199 until I got to the I-5.  Took that south and then a few smaller roads brought me to the 62 which goes all the way to the lake.  Riding next to the Rogue River in this section was truly an experience.  There’s one portion where the river travels underground making a natural bridge out of the lava rock.  Crater Lake was spectacular.  I won’t be able to put it into words so I’m not going to try.  The roads were clear but there was a ton of snow everywhere else.  I saw a few dear…came within feet of hitting one…dodged some thunderstorms and made it down the mountain on the 138.  After a little bit of searching I found a nice camping spot right on the Umpqua River and here I sit on my motorcycle, typing away on this post before heading to bed.  The other campers must think I’m a weirdo…that’s ok, I kindof think the same thing.  The phone connection isn’t too strong out here so I’m going to keep it to one picture, but when I get somewhere with a decent wifi signal I’ll have an uploading bonanza.  Oh, and for everyone that’s left comments…thank you.  I haven’t had a chance to respond just because I’m riding and posting all day long, but know that it’s appreciated and that I enjoy your comments.  Thanks.  Ok, and for the picture…this is me and Crater Lake, standing in a place I shouldn’t have been.  Good night.

Crater Lake