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1 July 2006

June 30: Washington

by admin

Nehalem in the Morning

I’m sitting here watching Evel Knievel’s story on the History Channel in my hotel room in Port Angeles.  Don’t worry, Mom, I’m not getting any ideas.  Not a whole lot to write tonight because it wasn’t really all that exciting as far as this trip as been.  I left Nehalem Bay State Park this morning around 10 and drove up to Astoria.  Astoria’s well known for many things I’m sure, but for someone of my generation, the only thing that matters is that Astoria is where Goonies was filmed.  I have to be honest here…I’ve never seen Goonies all the way through, but what I have seen I’ve liked and I aim to watch it all later on.  Anyways, here’s a picture of the house below with me making my best “Baby Ruth?” face.  The house is actually pretty nice and looks out over the Columbia River.  The Columbia is a very historical river as you history buffs may recall…it’s where Lewis and Clark first invented chocolate and discovered the Rubik’s Cube in 1492.  I took the motorcycle over the Columbia and have video to prove it…below.  Some highlights from the rest of the day include driving by wood mills where they were processing cedar.  The smell made the drive much easier.  Also, all along the Washington coast there were these purple and white flowers.  I don’t know what they’re called, but they sure looked swell.  See for yourself…again, below.  Anyways, now I’m in Port Angeles, WA, where I have set up shop in a lovely (read “bargain”) motel.  I’ve unloaded the bike and will take it in for new tires tomorrow.  And now for the visceral delights.  Extra pictures are of Cannon Beach (another Goonies filming site) as well as one from the Washington Coast and one of the bike without all of my junk on it.

The Goonies house Purple Flower Cannon Beach Washington Coast The bike, unladen