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5 July 2006

July 4: Signs of (Wild)Life

by admin


It’s after midnight and the last two days have been longs ones.  859 miles long, to be exact.  Anyways, I rolled in to Smithers, BC today after riding for over 12 hours and almost 500 miles and after a short look for campsites I gave in and got a room.  The one campsite I found was actually pretty nice, but as soon as I found out that it didn’t have a shower, I nixed it and moved on.  Anyways, I really need sleep so I’ll slap a few pictures on here and then I’ll write more later on.  So here they are: an action shot, bugs, and some fun signs.

View from the road Bugs Eh! Meece!

I saw signs warning me of deer, elk, moose, and longhorn sheep…I saw none of them. I did see a little black bear running through a field and a momma duck with her three ducklings waiting patiently at the side of the road for it to be clear so she could cross.  The bear didn’t eat me, nor did it make an attempt at eating me…so my first bear encounter of the trip went well.  The duck was a bit more aggressive.  I don’t want to talk about it.  Oh, and that Microsoft interview thing was cool.  It will be online in about two weeks and I’ll make sure you all get the word.  More on that later on.  Must….sleep…