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28 July 2006

July 27: Home

by admin

Welcome to CAThe trip is done.  It’s been 40 days and 10894 miles since I left my house back on June 17th and it feels strange to be home again…back to the piles of unopened mail and countless unread emails.  Back to the pile of yardwork waste that I had left in the driveway when I took off.  Back to the cat, who was oh-so-happy to see me and now won’t leave my room.  Back home.  Thank you very much to all of you for your thoughts, prayers, emails, comments, open homes, etc.  I plan on writing a post later on today about my last few days in Arizona and here in California, as well as a seperate wrap-up post to collect my thoughts and memories before they leak out of my head.  It’s good to be home.