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23 March 2007

One Month to G o and No Camera

by admin

So I asked her to marry me on November 30th…it’s now 12:22am on March 23rd and I’m finally getting around to writing something new.  My friend, JP, gave me some scathing criticism encouragement when he saw the lull in my interweb presence and that was just what I needed for inspiration.  I’m falling asleep as I begin this post so I know full well it won’t be a long one.  Just wanted to write a quick update on the life of Brian.

I remember hearing other guys talk about how busy their lives were in the time leading up to their wedding and thinking, “Come on…it can’t be that bad.  Seriously, you’re a guy…it’s not like you have to pick out the sheets and towels, right?”  Now four months into engaged life, I realize how right and wrong I was.  No, I’m not picking out sheets and towels…but I’m present when all of those decisions are made.  Don’t get me wrong, I give my input when it’s requested/needed, and I’m not complaining about the process, I’m mostly just poking fun at myself for my past miscalculations.

Actually, I think things have gone pretty well for trying to squeeze what I’m convinced should be three and a half years of wedding planning into the last four months.  On a scale of 1 to “Splendid”, my fiancee comes in at a cool “Ridiculously Incredible”…I’d say she’s a keeper.  (Now let’s just hope she’s saying the same thing about me…)  We’ve taken care of most of the major stuff and are now finalizing, ordering, planning, paying and calling the final touches of this wedding into existence.  Should be a lot of fun…

Ok, I’m going to go to bed.  Oh, quickly, the reason for the post’s title… I went up to Julian, CA, this last weekend and left my camera up there.  That’s what I think , anyways, since it wasn’t with me when I got back.  That camera had been all around the world with me…I’m sad to see it go.  I went ahead and ordered its updated descendant earlier tonight, but in deference to my misplaced photographic companion I shall leave this post photoless.  Goodnight.