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22 March 2010

Do Not Fear

by brian

“Now these three abide: anger, outrage, and fear—and the greatest of these is fear.” – from Russell Moore’s post entitled Don’t Be Afraid.   A great reminder that whatever is going on in politics, government (or any other facet of life, not related to eternity) Christians have no cause for fear.    Think how many times you say or hear the words “I’m just afraid that…” or “It worries me that…” or “I fear that…” and we don’t consider the enormous gravity of what we’re saying.  Am I really in fear of whatever it is that follows “that”?  Because, if so, Satan has my right where he wants me.  I can be concerned.  I can be prompted to take action.  I can even be angry, but fear is not an appropriate response, nor should it be what motivates me to concern, action or anger.  When it comes to the political, Jesus clearly is concerned only as far as it affects hearts, and not much beyond that. (Mark 12:17, John 8:7)  We should be concerned about the political, about the actions of our Government, in as much as they affect hearts, lives and minds, but my Chicken Little fear has to go.